Putting rehabilitation in to the everyday

SoleSense was developed by a specialist neurorehabilitaiton physiotherapist with a passion for enabling patients to do more independent rehabilitation.  The product is developed with a focus on neurological conditions that affect balance and walking. 

SoleSense uses wireless pressure sensing insoles to deliver auditory and visual biofeedback via an app. This can be worn continuously to improve performance in balance and walking, encouraging self management as a lifestyle choice in a fun and engaging way. It allows patients to track their own progress and set collaborative goals with their therapists and can be used throughout the rehabilitation pathway from the early to the late stages of many different conditions.

Feedback Modalities:


Balance can be visually represented by tracking in real time where the body weight lands over the feet (centre of pressure).


Novel auditory feedback is delivered that is continuous and also error-based. This can be tailored to each individuals needs.

The Vision

SoleSense aims to incorporate rehabilitation in to the everyday. The long term vision for the product is to deliver:

  • Novel forms of biofeedback that can be tailored to a broad range of ability
  • Simple measurement of quality of movement
  • Progress and activity log
  • AI algorithms that can assess falls risk and recommend appropriate levels of exercise
  • Online therapy services to support patients with using biofeedback rehabilitation, easing the burden on NHS resources
  • New ways to harness neuroplasticity in the nervous system.

SoleSense is part way through its Research and Development lifecycle and is currently building the second prototype for proof of concept. Research topics focus on those at the forefront of therapy issues: How to increase the level of repetitions of movement needed to produce lasting change in the nervous system that allows carry over of functional gains.

Caz Icke

SoleSense CEO

A specialist physiotherapist with 15 years experience in neurological rehabilitation, Caz has worked in a variety of in-patient, out-patient and community settings both in the UK and abroad. Caz works at the Regional Neurosurgical Unit in the southwest and founded SoleSense in 2019.